About Me

Pamela Burke, LLC Consultant

Fund Development, Grants Research/Writing/Fund Counsel
Email:  info@grant-write.com

Over 35 years experience working in or with nonprofit organizations

Bachelor of Arts Degree – Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI
Grants Management Certification Program, Innova, Inc.

Michigan Fund Raiser License/Department of Attorney General, #MIFR 14093
MSHDA Approved Technical Assistance Consultant 2008-2014

Home Base: Remus Michigan
Availability: National, with some exceptions. Also interest in international work.

Focus Areas: Nonprofit organizations, particularly in rural areas, and rural start-ups in need of building capacity and formalizing a fund development program.

Specialties: low-income communities, at risk youth, health and medical, community development and housing providers, some cultural organizations.

Types of grants obtained: government (all levels), foundation, corporate, and other community-based organizations. Also annual gift programs, etc.

Slogan: Improving the quality of life for communities by building organizational capacity.


  • Customized Funder Prospect searches and alerts
  • Research and Demographics
  • Outlining project
  • Rural Start-Ups/Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Accreditation
  • Proposal development work, technical assistance and review of grant proposals prepared by staff
  • Gift and grant reporting and acknowledgement system.

Over thirty-five years’ experience working in, or with, nonprofit organizations. Independent grant searcher/writer since 1993. Professional contracted consultant providing research and prospect services using internet and online services, searchable databases, hard copy subscriptions; also provide writing services, marketing, grant seeking and grant writing, and technical assistance including review of grants prepared by customer prior to submission.

Sampling of Successes: Private Foundations, State and Federal Grants and other sources, in recent years.
Helping People – $1.2 million+ for telemedicine, $475,000 for homelessness and rapid re-housing, $58,000 palliative care, $25,000 for health/wellness initiatives, $150,000 capital campaign, $25,000 for fire safety education project, $750,000 + transitional living, $40,000+ housing counseling, $200,000 for runaway youth, $60,000 + for housing improvement projects, $100,000+ endowment, $65,000 child sexual abuse treatment services, $4,000 for women abused as children group, and $20,000 for at risk youth activities plus several small projects.

Helping Communities – Many federal USDA grants for kitchen incubators, diversified products, regional farm entrepreneur and buy local projects totaling more than $800,000; more than $2,000,000 for environmental clean-up and more than $120,000 for recycling/reuse education, $20,000 for recreation program for adults with developmental disabilities, $85,700 for parks/recreation projects, $12,000 farmland/open space education, historical preservation grants $8,000, and community development projects such as local government facility upgrades, rehab, renovation and/or handicapped access projects totaling more than $300,000, $99,000 business incubator feasibility study and more.

Building Support – Assisting with communication planning, Nonprofit fundraising infrastructure, HUD application for approval as housing counseling agency, funding/grant related articles, thank you letters, and press releases. Help donors and prospective donors recognize the program’s value and develop allegiance to the cause.